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Package A

2 Hour Music Video Shoot $250.00 usd.

directing x shooting x editing included

The 2 Hour Music Video Shoot is designed to provide artists in the Southern California area with visual content to illustrate and market your music and brand at an affordable hourly rate. 

You just might amaze yourself and on what can be accomplished in 2 hours. The key is the preparation and time spent coming up with a story (treatment) or visual concept for your music video before the shoot. I guarantee you will get the most out of this video shoot if you

• think it through

• write out a plan

• get all the props and people (knowing the role, time and location beforehand)

• choose a location(s) that compliments the concept of music video.

You can also book up to 5 hours with this particular package if think you will need more than 3 hours to get all the shots you need giving time for retakes and making sure the shots are right. The amount of hours that you shoot must be determined in advance with paying the deposit.


Examples of our Work 


directing = positioning of talent and camera operation

according to treatment or concept provided by client (talent)

shooting = digital video recording of talent

and items corresponding to music video

editing = the process of manipulating and rearranging

video shots to create a new work 

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