BZ Filmz

Music Video Production

Yo...appreciate you checking out the website..

let's get straight to the business.

We produce music videos.

What We Do

If you want a music video shot and edited

we can provide the necessary

services to produce your

music video project

from idea to execution.

From a 1 man operation

to a full crew BZFilmz can

accommodate your budget and concept needs.

Here's a list of some of the artists

@bzfilmz has worked with. 

Package A - Short Day

2 Hour Music Video Shoot 


Package B - Medium Day

3-5 Hour Music Video Shoot 


Package C - Full Day

8-10 Hour Music Video Shoot 

Package D - Full Production

Amount of time and days  

based upon budget and treatment 

818.626.2838 l l @bzfilmz