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From Pre Production to the Editing of your Music Video we take a step by step process in producing a product unique to your musical style and brand.  We encourage each client to take an organized approach with your project, in doing so this will maximize all resources needed to make your vision a reality. Many people worry about finances without taking into account creative ideas that may have a greater impact on the viewer without having to spend large sums of money.  We provide consultation to ensure all areas are covered for project and the best budget to make the execution of the video feasible. Examples


BZFilmz specializes in the filming & editing of live concerts and events. We encourage artists to get their shows filmed by us professionally in giving your brand and music project that sharp, creative, right look. Proper representation of your craft may lead you on the right path in catching that right persons attention in moving your career forward.  Examples


We produce, film and edit broadcast/internet ready promo videos for various types of businesses ranging from entertainment companies to high end auto repair shops. In this era of social media it is wise to have a visual platform to represent your product, brand and company. By having a professional video your business can be exposed to a wider audience and that audience has a better opportunity in being educated in a short period of time on what your business can do for them. Examples


The Battle Rap scene has been thriving in its on subculture of hip hop with one of its most important tools of spreading its fanbase being THE CAMERA. The camera captures this raw sport of spoken word, theatre, poetry, improv and therapy called Battle Rap. BZ Filmz has hands on experience in battle rap video production in filming notable battles by LA BATTLEGROUNDZ such as B-Dot vs Danny Myers, Cali Smoov vs Young B, Stricc vs B-Dot, Saynt vs Da Kid Clutch, Danny Myers vs Real Talk & more. Examples


In the past only large corporations produced commercials to promote and inform the public of their Project, Product or Service. Now it is beneficial and attainable for a small or growing business to produce a professional commercial that can be broadcasted on television and embedded on your website. Beyond the standard 30 second broadcast length of a commercial we also produce custom length commercials that can be used to promote your Project, Product, or Service via the internet. However the length seriously consider working with BZFilmz in putting together a competitive marketing tool that will bring a higher awareness to your situation. Examples


With the proliferation of the internet and technology producing a documentary is one of the most feasible ways to break into the the film industry. Our Documentary service can provide a camera crew equipped with the necessary video and audio to make your project stand out from the others. BZ Filmz also produces Reality shows which are similar to Documentaries with a more scripted approach. Examples


Weddings are one of those occasions where those special intangible moments happen unannounced and unexpected. We capture these heartwarming moments in HD giving you the opportunity to relive the laughs and tears at your own convenience. We offer Videography and Photography at a completive rate providing you with a gift that keeps on giving. We also can provide live streaming video via internet of wedding for those friends and family members out of state or too far to attend ceremony. Examples



Some of the best moments that have been captured on camera are those real events or instances in life that just can't be planned or scripted. Film Makers, Music Video Directors, artists, DP's...If you need a camera crew to professionally film behind the scenes footage of your next shoot let me know. This service is a good way to show potential clients and fans the proficiency and quality of your productions. Examples

BZFilmz offers video production and consultation services custom fit to your budget. have a vision or concept for your next project? Send us an email to We will gladly look over your information and come up with a strategy and package that will fit your professional as well as creative needs.