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ill camille "Touché" feat. Preston Harris - Music Video

ill camille and Front Room Entertainment embarked on their third music video project with Baba Zoom of BZFilmz for the song "Touché" on the heels of the "Live it Up" music video featuring Iman Omari making it to #1 on Snoop Dogg's Underground Heat Episode 15. With the "Illustrated B-Sides" project about to drop soon ill camille spit straight barz over a Rick Ross instrumental (Cigar Music) with Preston Harris layering vocals over the intro and outro of the song. To bring out the visual concept of Illustrated we changed scenes every four barz and ill camille changed outfits for every scene as well. The music video was shot in different distinct areas in Southern California, see if you can recognize some of the locations. #MillieMondays