• Creator, Choreographer and Director of "THE 8 COUNT" Dance Mixtape

(A Series of 8 Dance Concept Videos) CLICK HERE

• Black Lives Matter Performance / Concept Video (Juneteenth Leimert Park) I’m Black CLICK HERE

 Pre Game LA Clippers Show Dance Performance (Staples Center)

Featured Rapper on West Coast Poplockers "California Pop Lock" Song and Music Video CLICK HERE

 Lula Washington Dance Company Performance (Taste of Soul)

 Creator Toilet Bowl Song and Music Video CLICK HERE

 Starred and Choreographed in the Play “Pop Wut You Got” Odyssey Theatre

• Dancer appearance in movie “Go For It” with recording artist Somaya Reece

• 1st Place Showstoppers Dance Competition (Disneyland)

• 1st Place with 3 different groups 9 times in Young Champions Competitions

• Starred in Pilot TV show “The Greatest Dancer” By Shane Sparks

• Front Page featured article on Dubcnn CLICK HERE


Brittney Benson was born June 27, 1986 in Racine, Wisconsin to Vickie Peterson and Charles Benson. Brittney was raised in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma where she found her passion for dance at a young age. 

At the time Oklahoma City was well-known for their street dance style called Grooving. Brittney became very popular by always dancing at the local Northside Skating Rink called Fun Skate. As her name floated through the city, she was contacted by a dance director named Tara Finley. Tara had been hearing how good Brittney was as a dancer and wanted her to come and audition for her dance group that she directed called Bomb Squad.

By the age of 12 years old Brittney became the newest member of Bomb Squad. Bomb Squad consisted of 7 girls that choreographed their own dances to compete against all Oklahoma City dance groups. Bomb Squad performed at high school and college talent shows, starred in music videos, did promotional commercials that aired on BET and Power Jam 1140 Radio Stations for upcoming events. As well as opening up for local concerts.

Midway through high school, the dance scene started to die down in OKC. In June of 2005 she graduated from John Marshall High School and 6 days later moved to Los Angeles, California with her big sister Tosharra Sherman. Brittney worked at different jobs to make ends meet while going to school to receive an associates degree in criminal justice. Dance always was and is a passion, but she considered it just a talent and a hobby having no idea that it could be a career.