There are no more dates available

for our special offer in September.

You can still check out our monthly

specials here.

Backhand Index Pointing Right on WhatsApp 2.19.175

You Have A Concept or Idea ? We Can Help...

$240 Backhand Index Pointing Right on WhatsApp 2.19.175 2 Hour Music Video Shoot

$360 Backhand Index Pointing Right on WhatsApp 2.19.175 4 Hour Music Video Shoot

1. Contact us if you have any questions

or are ready to get started.

818.626.2838 l

directing x filming x editing included

(edited within 2-3 weeks after shoot date)

2. lock in shoot date 

If you would like to book a 2 or 4 hour music video shoot

 a deposit of (half) is required

to lock in available shoot date, making sure

no one else books the date you want to shoot on.

The remaining (half) 

is due before shooting begins.

add $100 - Express Edit

Your video will edited

within 7 days of shoot date.

for any questions or concerns

818.626.2838 l

some examples of our work

EtheMadaSSaSSin - Bear Handz

ill Camille - Live It Up

TSA - My Love

Young West Tantrum - She Gotta Gun

Selina Albright - Highest High

Kimmi Chandon - I Was Born

Owbese - Purple Monster